Our Ethos

At Mosegi, we promote and empower traditional artisanal cotton farmers and factory workers. We recognise and appreciate the rich heritage that these communities represent, and we understand the need to sustain their traditions and way of life.

Our farmers produce organically grown cotton that is then knitted into soft, high quality fabric. We use safe dyes that are processed responsibly – both environmentally and socially. 

Our highly skilled and valued factory workers work in the very best, modern ECO factories certified against the Fairtrade trader standard for cotton.. They bring their remarkable sewing skills to bear on our finished products. We look to inspire, and hope to influence our growing Mosegi “tribe” to choose responsibly and move towards a sustainable way of living.

Our lasting aim is for the quality inherent in every single Mosegi Fairtrade cotton product to speak for itself.

Our India Story

Our factory in India partners very closely with 3200 marginalised tribal cotton farmers in the Telangana region of India. Apart from guaranteed consumption of all their cotton produce, we work to ensure child education, assured healthcare and better infrastructure towards developing a sustainable community. We are assured of full traceability all the way through to farm level, and we can thereby receive clear and measurable impact metrics from our factory chain.

We not only follow low impact production methods with substantial use of renewable energy but also provide sustainable packaging solutions. All the garment labels are made with post-consumer recycled polyester. We also convert production waste (both fabric and garments) into paper boards for hangtags – including our special “Thank you” and “Care” cards – and for our packaging materials.

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